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What Sets Luxury Home Stagers Apart?

In the luxury home market, creativity is imperative. Luxury home buyers look for modern, turn-key homes whose custom features make the owner feel lavish and spoiled.

Staging is an important element in the marketing of a high-end property; it allows the home to present a story about the lifestyle that the potential buyer can lead if they choose to purchase it.

What attracts a luxury home buyer is different from what a first-time homebuyer is looking for. High-end property buyers usually have larger expectations, therefore, hiring a qualified, luxury stager will set the property apart while exceeding the buyer’s expectations.

So what sets us apart as luxury home stagers? What should you consider when hiring a luxury stager?

  • Experience

At timely staging & Design, our track record speaks for itself. With over 5 years in the home staging industry, we have an extensive background in staging luxury homes that have sold well over the asking price.

We understand what high-end buyers want and we are committed to delivering beyond their expectations.

Our staging style highlights the property’s unique features and emphasizes the lifestyle features that are unique to luxury homes. Media rooms, home offices, workout rooms are a few examples of amenities we showcase in luxury homes.

  • Attention to detail

Staging a luxury home requires being attentive to each detail. This is why we use tasteful design and quality decor furnishings and pieces. Our pieces reflect the asking price of the luxury homes we stage.

We have access to a large inventory of furniture and decor pieces, which means our clients never have to worry if the home stays on the market for longer than they expect.

To top it off, we offer marketing photographs as a complimentary add-on for our clients. We think of everything when staging a home.

Not any stager will do for luxury homes. At Timely Staging & Design, we spare no effort in creating that WOW factor for our clients. Take your high-end property to the next level with our help by contacting us today.

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