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Odette Bahati is the CEO and Founder of Timely Staging & Design,  Co-founder of Black Owned Business Manitoba and recording artist at Thebahatizz. She is the 5th of 8 children.

Growing up in a big family, Odette was always curious as to how her parents' home would look like when she changed the original furniture layout. Most of the time her mom didn’t approve of the constant changes  she made in the house. But who was counting how many times she made the changes :) .

She has always been creative with passion for interior design and the concept of transforming empty spaces. In 2014 She took a leap of faith and decided to turn her passion into a profitable business.

Timely Staging & Design is a luxury interior design and home staging company that helps homeowners, real estate agents & investors sell or rent their homes quickly for top dollar. The company has staged and designed over 500+ homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas. 

'' I believe that anyone can make it and turn their life around  if they believe in themselves and have the courage to start and consistently put in the work to achieve their goals and purpose.'' - Odette

“As a former refugee in Uganda, I believe your story should be Your WHY and motivation to go after everything the universe has in store for you without holding back or waiting for permission.” - Odette

Odette’s family moved to Winnipeg Manitoba in December of 2012 and was welcomed by the friendly Manitoban people and the unfriendly Winnipeg Weather.

In 2008, Odette and her sisters, Sylvie, Rashel, and Francine Bahati formed a music group (Thebahatizz) while living in Kampala/Uganda.  After living in a foreign country for 11 years as fugees, Music became a refuge for Thebahatizz. 

Thebahatizz have partnered with different organizations to raise awareness about different issues involving human rights among them is, UNHCR, Panzi Foundation USA founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Denis Mukwege, Ugandan Youth Education in Karamoja.

The bahati Sisters are determined not to forget their roots. They intend to continue to use their musical talents to speak out against sexual violence in conflicts and to campaign for human rights. Apart from their charity work, the six sisters all own successful individual businesses in Canada and they make an effort of contributing and giving back to the community through local organizations. 

In June of 2020 Odette , her sister Francine Bahati, and their friend Ima Ekanem realized there was a lack of representation for Black business owners and professionals, so they founded a community initiative Black Owned Business MB. A platform that highlights, promotes and empowers the economic growth of the black community in Manitoba by encouraging entrepreneurship and providing a space that black professionals, Artists and creatives in Manitoba can showcase their work and services and get supported by everyone.  

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