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Regardless of the state of the market, selling a home quickly and at the right price is no small task. Even if you’re certain it will sell swiftly, wouldn’t you rather get significantly more than your asking price and sell faster?


As an agent, you want to provide your clients with the most value. Sometimes you can see that they need staging and you may want to tell them about it but are not sure how to do that. Depending on how comfortable you are with your client, leave those difficult conversations about style and taste to us – we don’t mind, and it takes you out of being the “bad guy” and makes you the Hero. Our consultation, will help the seller look at their house as a product. We will take them through easy steps on how to declutter, depersonalize and a clear checklist on how to better prepare their home for sale. We can do this ourselves or they can do it themselves. Whatever works for them.


By offering staging and design consultation as part of your listing package and service, you will show your client that you are determined to sell their house for top dollar, rather than just reducing the listing price.This minimal upgrade and investment will differentiate you from today's competitive marketplace.

When you / your sellers hire us to stage or do a consultation in  the home; know with confidence we lead every job with positive energy – it comes through in our staging jobs! And, we’re flexible and accommodating of your schedule – and we strive to complete every staging job on budget and on time.

Preparing your listing with us gives you an edge over your competitors.

Here’s Why:

  • Statistically we know that over 97% of clients start their new home search online, which is why it’s critical that you have amazing photos. (which we include in every stage)

  • Save marketing dollars and let the pictures speak for itself! enticing photos will make your listing Stand out online and enhance your portfolio.

  • Attract more showings which lead to more offers.

  • More offers means higher value, and higher commission rates.

  • Successful results means happy clients who will surely give referrals to their friends and family.

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