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  • What is Home Staging?
    Home staging is strategically placing items of furniture and decorations in a house that is for sale. The purpose of staging is to make the home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers online and in person. Staging increases the chances of selling the property fast and for more money.
  • What is Vacant Home Staging?
    Vacant Home staging is bringing in furniture into an empty and uninhabited home, which currently doesn’t have any furnishings, to entice buyers to purchase the property. The goal is to give the buyer a sense of what it will feel like when they make it a home. Let's be honest, it’s very hard to love an empty HOUSE, but it’s easy to love a well FURNISHED HOME in a heartbeat, think of it, an empty house is flat, cold and lifeless. Staging a vacant house will add LIFE to it and the buyers will start visualizing living there.
  • What is Occupied Staging?
    Occupied staging is strategic placement of existing furniture and accessories to create the most dramatic impact for potential buyers. Occupied staging can be tough sometimes because it's hard to detach yourself from your home. Your home is beautiful with your unique touch, and that makes it comfortable for you. It's full with family photos, your accessory collections etc . To make this process easy, take a moment and view your house as a product . A product that will generate a certain amount of Money when you sell it . Once you understand that your home needs to give buyers an image of how THEY will use the space, raise their own families, organize their own lives, and incorporate their own decor, then it will be easier for you to understand why staging your home strategically is so important. Occupied staging is very important if you want to stand out online. And when they come to your house they need to see and feel how this house can become their home. Read more on OUR PROCESS.
  • Why is Home Staging necessary?
    Home Staging is necessary because it provides the buyer with an idea of how they could live in your house, how furniture could be placed , and how much space will be available when it’s furnished.
  • What are the costs for home staging?
    The cost for staging varies. While pricing a property, we take into consideration the following; Size of the house ( Sqft), Area, Proposed/Listing price, How much furniture & accessories needed in specific rooms/spaces, last but not least the property assessed value. We like to make sure that our staging reflects the true value of a house by using modern and up to trend pieces. So every project is different and so the cost is not the same. Please contact us to get a FREE price estimate of your house.
  • Do I need to buy my own furniture to stage my vacant house?
    No, we provide all the furnishings and accessories for staging. We have a warehouse full of inventory to select from.
  • What rooms should I stage?
    We recommend staging all the rooms/spaces that the future homeowners may find challenging to furnish, including formal living rooms, primary bedroom, dining rooms and family rooms. Porches, patios, entryways/foyer, mud rooms, and any additions are great areas to stage.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    Acceptable payment methods are certified cheque or E-Transfer
  • Do you rent furniture and accessories? And am I supposed to pay extra rental fees?
    At the moment, we DO NOT rent. We own a ton of furniture and accessories, so there is no need to rent therefore no extra charge for third party rental fees. If renting from outside source is ever necessary for a project, we will let you know and clearly state the necessary extra fees
  • If my house does not sell in 30 days, can I rent the furniture for extended months?
    Our typical contract is for 60 days. We have found that often people have sold their home in 60 days or less so this timeline works the best for most. If you need to extend the stay of the furnishings, we will accommodate that with a very modest monthly investment. We will be very open and up front with you and let you know what your monthly rental investment would be, should you need to extend, before we sign the contract, so as to eliminate surprises like that down the road.
  • Where do you rent your furniture?
    We do not rent from third-party vendors. In order to maintain quality & flexibility Timely owns 100% of our furniture
  • Who pays for the staging? Me or my Realtor®?
    This depends on the agreement you have with your Realtor®. Some Realtors pay, but often the expectation is for the Seller to pay. If you don’t have an agreement with a Realtor® and/or not working with a Realtor® – we have a network of Realtors to connect you with.
  • I have a Realtor® I like – and want to use – but they don’t want to pay for the staging.
    We will gladly meet you and your REALTOR® to preview your home – You would need to sort out who pays directly with your REALTOR®.
  • What will you do to prepare my house for the sale?
    This will depend if your house is vacant or occupied. If your house is occupied; We will book a walk and talk consultation. During this process, we might recommend a new piece of furniture, or paint, and other renovations if needed that will showcase the properties’ potentials. If your current furniture layout can be improved, (after your approval) we will move it as needed. If your house is vacant; We will place appropriate furniture in rooms to showcase space, display fabrics and accessories which will draw potential buyers, and make the house feel like a home to them, last but not least , we will Use artwork and lighting to accentuate home’s architectural features.
  • Do you have questions about how staging can get your home sold?
    Whether it’s vacant or lived-in (occupied), your house is your greatest asset, and it’s up to you to make it look its best. Don't let your Vacant or Occupied house stay on the market longer than it should because you do not understand how staging works. We are here to make you understand the ins and outs of our process and how staging can put MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.
  • Is a consultation necessary?
    Yes. A consultation gives you a game plan on how to successfully prepare your house for the market. Our Vacant consultation for homes within the city range is FREE, and Occupied Consultations starts at $150. Additional services will vary based on the condition of your home. After an occupied consultation, we will provide you with a custom proposal that you can follow . You can choose to do the work yourself or we can do it for you. Remember, your investment in home staging will always be less than your first price reduction.
  • I am a homeowner - you mean buyers can’t use their imaginations and look past my décor or repairs needed?
    Only 10% of buyers can see past the homeowner’s personal belongings and taste or an empty room. If they are able to see past any repairs or changes that are needed, they will make a much lower offer than it would have cost the seller to go ahead and make the changes before hand. Selling a house “as is” only sends them to the competition down the street.
  • When should I stage my home?
    You should stage your home BEFORE listing. Staged homes generate the most interest on line and at showings. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Do it now. See our process
  • How will I be able to live in my Staged Home while I am trying to sell it?
    Keeping your house show ready may seem like a lot of work, but it is very important that you maintain that staged look while on the market. For homeowners who are not in the position to move to a family or friend’s house while the property is listed, we recommend taking photos or referring to the listing photos to help you remember where and how things were originally placed. Some sellers use a daily checklist they refer to before leaving the house. For last minute showings we recommend keeping extra laundry baskets or bins on hand to stash items quickly. Please note, if you are able to move out of your house to avoid the pressure of trying to organize things for last minute showings, then do it.
  • I have already made re-pairs and repainted and updated by floors, isn’t that enough?"
    These improvements are a great start and necessary for preparing a home to sell, however, as experienced professionals, our team will go the extra mile to create the correct look and most especially the best “feeling” that is required in this industry to make your house stand out online and marketing materials that will bring potential buyers to your front door, and then to making an offer.
  • Do you use real beds & mattresses?
    Yes - we only use real beds & mattresses in our staging process. We believe using the real thing is the only way to truly showcase the potential of your space, so if you're looking to sell your home quickly & for top dollar, choose us!
  • What locations does Timely Staging service?
    Timely Staging & Designs' standard service area is Winnipeg, MB & the surrounding areas.
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