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our process

At Timely Staging & Design, we understand that many people have never enlisted the help of a home stager to assist them with the sale of their property.  We also know that the whole process of staging your home may be daunting and a bit overwhelming. We are flexible and are happy to do as much or as little as you, our client would like.


​Timely Staging & Design works with home owners, investors, builders and professional house flippers to get top dollar for every property.  Our staging process is very simple and it includes the following 5 steps:


Step #1. Home Staging Consultation

The consultation generally takes Thirty (30) minutes, although it could take an hour and a half if it's a big property.  We will walk through your home and give our opinion on where you should spend your money, what you should store,  and pick paint colours if necessary.


We will  discuss the potential of your home. Your first appointment is FREE for all vacant homes within the city range. During this time,  we chat about how to improve the presentation of the property for sale. We chat to you and your agent about the types of people that will be attracted to your property, so that we can target potential interested buyers.


Step #2. Home Staging Quote

After the initial walk through and consultation, we put together a detailed quote, listing spaces/rooms to be staged. 


On the quote, we note our contract timeframe. Our typical contract is between 30 - 60days. We have found that often people have sold their home in 30 days or less so this timeline works the best for most. If you need to extend the stay of the furnishings, we will accommodate that with a very modest monthly investment. We will be very open and up front with you and let you know what your monthly rental investment would be, should you need to extend, before you sign the contract, so as to eliminate surprises like that down the road.

Step #2a. Measurements and Before Photos

After the consultation, Home Staging Quote has been sent and approved and we have received the retainer fee, we then schedule an appointment where we come back to your house to take measurements and photos. Getting accurate measurements for entries and passages is very important  because our furniture will have to pass through these to get to where we have planned to place them. Also this step helps us choose the right size of furniture for a specific spaces in your home.


For interior design clients, measurements help us get your space into CAD and start from the existing layout. We create 2-4 floor plan options for you to choose from. A floor plan is a great way to show you what the flow of traffic will look like as people move throughout the finished space. We consider your wish list and business plan along with the square footage when creating a functional layout for your property or business. By this time, we have already scheduled a day to stage the property.


Step #3. Furniture Selection

We source beautiful pieces from our inventory to create a warm and inviting space for your home. We are #1 luxury home staging company in Winnipeg. We own all our luxury and modern furniture to transform your property.


Step #4. Staging  the Property

We bring all the furniture, accessories and all the elements together and stage your property. The installation takes place within one day, with a team of dedicated staff on site. We leave your property ready for professional photography and marketing!


Step #5. Removal

Once the property has sold, and/or as agreed with our client, we’ll come back and pack it all away.

3 main steps for Occupied Home Staging


During the consultation for an occupied home, you will hear 2 important words that may come up often during our chat. Decluttering and Depersonalizing. These words sound the same but have two different meanings and they play  a big part in preparing your  home for sale. “ Decluttering and  Depersonalizing)

What is Decluttering ?


This is to remove mess or clutter from a space . You want to show  potential buyers how beautiful your home is and the potential it has and how spacious it is. De-cluttering is very essential in the staging process. Before even thinking of calling an agent or your favourite photographer, declutter and pack anything that you need that you don't want your prospective buyers to see, then finally store them.

Note: We only suggesting to store what you might need after the sale of your home NOT the things you don't need. This doesn't mean storing it in that empty room that hasn't been used in a while. What we mean is, finding a safe place to keep them, if possible use a storage facility.


Overwhelming clutter makes it hard for prospective buyers to see the true potential of a home and may cause them to scratch your house off their list. We work with you and help you through this whole process . This can take a day or a week depending on the amount of work involved. Don't let home buyers miss the beauty of your home; that cozy fireplace hiding behind a bulky recliner, or the spaciousness of the kitchen hidden under all the appliances and cereal boxes strewn across the counter-tops. Show it's beauty. Get rid of anything you don't need.


Yes, we know that family picture looks beautiful on the wall, your wedding photos, certificate of an accomplishment etc. Although we are rightfully proud of our families and accomplishments, these distract buyers from the features of the house. When they leave your house, you want them to remember how well layed-out it was, not that cute picture of your grandson or your beautiful wedding photo .


We always encourage our valuable clients to disconnect themselves from the home by simply depersonalizing the home so that it can sell quick and receive many offers. We understand that this is one of the hardest things to do, mostly if you've lived in your home for over 20+ years. So we totally understand if you resist some of the changes we might suggest, but we will take you through the whole process, advise on what to change and remove.

The Staging Day

​ We work with your furniture and accessories, arranging them in the best way possible in order to make your property look its very best. If something doesn't look good, we replace it with something else. For example, we have had scenarios where a dining table was fairly large and it was taking up all the space, so in this case we replace it with a smaller table. For some properties like vacant homes, we bring in everything from sofas, to dining sets, artwork and area rugs. For occupied staging, we work with what you have.

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