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Remember that time you went to the furniture store, and you saw a beautiful piece you loved and you knew right a way that you had to have it? I mean it was love at first sight…. Well you are not alone. Been there, and it happens more often than I can count.. So no judgement here. I know the feeling. But remember that time you also bought that very same piece and when you got home, it couldn't get into the door? Well, I know the feeling too.

But what if I tell you that you can avoid having to return that big sofa, dresser, bedroom set you just bought because no matter how much you love it, you just can't get it into the house because your passages and entries are too small. And if you get it in, the sofa is too small/big making the room look unbalanced.

Being in the home staging industry for quite while, one thing I have had to rely on and make it my best friend is my measuring tape. I literally have it in my handbag all the time. (You never know when you’ll need it).

So What To Do Before Buying a Small/Big Piece Of Furniture?


Its as simple as that. Measure, measure, measure. When you visit a showroom of a furniture store, measure the length, seating depth and arm width of the furniture you have your eye on. Sometimes its difficult to perceive the actual size of furniture seen in a store with high ceilings and wide open space, and be able to translate it to fit in your home with typically smaller areas. So that's where taking measurement comes in handy. Measure the piece, then put a hold on it. Most stores will let you hold furniture for 24 hrs without paying for it. so take a advantage of this.

Taking measurements is not very exciting but it's a necessary process. You might find yourself in a very expensive spot if you skip this process, or better yet, waste your time and gas to have to return the piece you had bought.

As an interior decorator, I have learned to embrace and do more of it because it’s an important part of decorating and designing. When staging, the biggest horror, is damaging a client's property because we tried forcing a big piece of furniture into a room. Our movers take all the necessary steps to ensure that the client’s property is well protected.

A few weeks back I was assisting a client with furniture & decor shopping. She contacted us after being so overwhelmed with shopping and continuously buying the wrong size of furniture that didn’t work with her home or her personal taste. So during this process, I discovered one of the biggest mistakes she was doing before hiring us and with our personal shopping assistance, we where able to transform her home, stayed on budget and she’s in love with her home again. I never thought much of this until I was doing it and I remembered what I usually do when picking furniture and decor for projects. I wrote this blog in hopes that I can save you sometime going back and forth returning furniture at the store.


Well because measuring your space will ensure that the furniture you are bringing into your home will fit all the entries, passages, stairways and doorways because this is where your furniture will have to travel to get to its destination.

Do this before you buy any furniture. Even before you start making any plans for furnishing and decorating, the first thing you need to do is measure your space.

Make sure that the furniture you buy have at least 4 inches less than the passage measurements. This will allow you or the movers to move it easily and smoothly.

The goal is for your space to look inviting, so scale of the furniture is equally important to the length. Oversized pieces of furniture in a small room will feel unbalanced and block visual flow. Instead, select sofa and chairs that take up less extended space for a more inviting look.

Do you need help transforming your home? Are you struggling shopping for furniture and decor? We are here to help. Contact us HERE

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