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Vacant Home staging is bringing furniture into an empty and uninhabited home, which currently doesn’t have any furnishings, to entice buyers to purchase the property. The goal is to give the buyer a sense of what it will feel like when they make it a home.


So If you have an empty property and want to blow the competitors out of the water then this is the service for you! Let us style & Stage your property from top to bottom to create a home that potential buyers will fight over! Our onsite quotation and consultation is FREE.


In vacant homes, we place appropriate furniture in rooms to showcase space, display fabrics and accessories which will draw potential buyers, and make the house feel like a home to them, We will use artwork and lighting to accentuate home’s architectural features.


Furnishing a room puts it in context and gives buyers a better perspective and sense of scale. In other words, Staging gives them perspective on how much space is left between the bed and closet. Using our inventory or if necessary, a furniture rental company, we will transform your empty space into a showplace!

Don't let your Vacant house stay on the market longer than it should simply because you don’t understand staging. We are here to help you understand our process and how staging can put MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.
Your success is our happiness.

Empty Room
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