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Why Stage a Vacant House

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

When buyers are making the decision to buy a house usually they have 4 - 5 houses to look at, how will your house stand out ? Vacant homes aren’t memorable and won’t stand out to buyers particularly in online listings where the majority of buyers begin their home search. A lot of home owners do not want to invest in staging because they say " it's not necessary " some even say " it's too expensive " but let's be honest, price reduction is not cheap either .


The one question I like to ask my clients when they hire us to stage their vacant house is; Why do you want your house staged? No matter how ironic that question usually is, I like to hear what their reason is , of course the answer is always the same,  " I want it sold / rented quick " That's the main reason , and the most important answer is always  " I want to sale or rent my house for a higher price ". Staged homes sale quick and for top dollars . People do not see the value of an empty , Vacant and lifeless house , I mean what's there to see ?

Deciding to list your vacant house un staged is not a great idea in this market . Only a few buyers can visualize a vacant room decorated and furnished. The majority of buyers, on the other hand, cannot envision how they will live in the home or use a room.

Real Estate Agents love showing staged homes, they are more motivated to take prospective buyers to a house that's professionally staged , because they know , the chances of that house being sold is 95% higher than unstaged house .

As a professional stager , we do the thinking , the last thing you want is your potential buyer to walk into your house and instead of being wowed by your house, they are spending that time noticing little flaws of the house and thinking ;

Can my couch fit here ? Where can I place my tv, oh and the dinning table , is the one I have too big ? Etc

When buyers have to start questioning...they normally walk away. You don't want that , we are here to do the thinking and your prospective buyers are there to make a quick decision whether or not your house is worth being put as a priority on their list or if the house hunting is done because they have found their dream home .

Need more convincing ? Okay Lets break them into points.

1. Key features of the house stand out 

 When a house is professionally staged , architectural details and key features of the house stand out whereas empty rooms put a spotlight on flaws or needed repairs.

2. Sells faster

According to Real Estate Staging Association ( RESA) A vacant property can take up to 78 percent more time to sell than comparable furnished homes.

3. Connection

Potential Buyers connect with fully furnished and staged homes compared to un staged homes . A lot of real estate agents say that clients have more interest in the house if it's staged because they connect with it .

4. Empty Vacant house is cold and lifeless

Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in a home and that's hard to accomplish when they're staring at empty rooms. A vacant home feels cold and lifeless . Without furniture there is no frame of reference, making it difficult for buyers to tell the scale and size of the room.

We have a variety of furniture and accessories to turn a house into a home. Get in touch with us and lets connect. 

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