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Occupied staging is strategic placement of existing furniture and accessories to create the greatest dramatic impact for potential buyers.


With occupied staging, we will book a walk and talk consultation. During this process, we might recommend a new piece of furniture, or paint, and other renovations if needed that will showcase the properties’ potential. If your current furniture layout can be improved, (after your approval) we will move it as needed.

Occupied staging can be tough sometimes because it's hard to detach yourself from your home. Your home is beautiful with your unique touch, and that makes it comfortable for you. It's full with family photos, your accessory collections etc . To make this process easy, take a moment and view your house as a product . A product that will generate a certain amount of Money when you sell it . Once you understand that your home needs to give buyers an image of how THEY will use the space, raise their own families, organize their own lives, and incorporate their own decor, then it will be easier for you to understand why staging your home strategically is so important.

Occupied staging is important if you want to stand out online. Also when they come to your house, they need to see and feel how this house can become their home.

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